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I love PRNewswire because I love press releases. A well-written press release can spark a story which ignites a conversation which flares up in action. PR Newswire has been a go-to service for electronically distributing press releases since it was founded as a home-based business in 1954 ( and to this day it is a tremendously easy way to get news, information or PR-driven keywords and AdWords into open cyberspace, for any and all to see.

It’s useful for bloggers looking for an audience, journalists looking for corroboration, communications directors looking for broadcast channels. It’s also handy for tips directed at the unaccustomed press release writer ( Even though it was acquired by Cision in 2017, PRNewswire has remained prima facie unaffected.

It’s how people can find out about the National Day on Writing (, the hottest new retail concept ( and a return toward healthy levels in multi-employer pension plans ( It’s a supreme way to get information out there, and one of the better ways of getting information that is out there.

Press releases can provide in one minute or less a piece of information that resets the trajectory for the entire rest of your day. (It happened just now, as I was writing this post and found something about the increase in allowable annual Roth IRA contributions that will be my professional focus for most the rest of this day.) PRNewswire is the tree for that

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